Steamy Night with the Pizza Delivery Guy: A Spicy Erotic Short Story

It was a sweltering summer , and Rachel was alone at home with nothing to do. She had ordered pizza for dinner, as it was too hot to cook. When the doorbell rang, Rachel answered it, only to find a young man with a red cap and a pizza box in his hand.

“Hi, I have your pizza delivery here,” said the young man.

Rachel felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at him. He had a muscular build and a charming smile. As he handed over the pizza, their hands brushed against each other, sending shivers down Rachel's spine.

“Thanks,” she said, trying to catch her breath.

The young man lingered at the door for a moment, and Rachel sensed that he was waiting for something. She looked into his eyes and saw a hint of desire there.

“Is there anything else you need?” he asked, his voice low and husky.

Rachel felt a rush of heat between her legs as she realized what he was implying. Without a word, she grabbed his hand and led him inside, closing the door behind them.

The pizza lay forgotten on the counter as Rachel and the delivery guy began to explore each other's bodies. His hands roamed over her curves, tracing the outline of her breasts and hips. Rachel moaned softly as he kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobes.

They moved to the living room, where the delivery guy pushed Rachel onto the sofa and began to undress her. She felt a thrill of excitement as he stripped off her clothes, leaving her naked and exposed.

He knelt between her legs, his tongue flicking over her clit as she moaned with pleasure. Rachel had never felt such intense sensations before, and she knew that she wanted more.

The delivery guy was only too happy to oblige. He lifted her onto his lap, sinking his hard cock into her wet pussy. Rachel gasped as he began to thrust, his rhythm quickening as they both neared orgasm.

As they came together, Rachel felt a wave of pure ecstasy wash over her. She had never felt so alive, so fulfilled, so completely satisfied.

When it was over, they lay together on the sofa, sweaty and spent. Rachel looked into the delivery guy's eyes and smiled.

“Same time next week?” she asked, already looking forward to their next encounter.

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